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Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm holes found in timber are caused by the larvae of beetles that feed on the timber. Larger holes are formed when the adult beetle emerges to mate. At Action Against Damp, we can carry out a full survey to identify the type of beetle the larvae comes from and treat it using the appropriate methods. This normally involves either spraying or injecting a special gel into the wood to quickly and effectively deal with the problem. Contact our team in Craigavon today for details. We serve clients across Northern Ireland.

Dry Rot

Dry Rot

Dry rot is a wood-destroying fungus that is found in most parts of the world. Although it affects forest timbers, dry rot is best known for its ability to destroy timber in ships and buildings.
It is important to identify whether timber decay has been caused by dry rot or another wood-destroying fungus such as one of the wet rots. This is because dry rot has the ability to travel through building materials other than timber, giving outbreaks the potential to spread quickly through a building. For this reason additional measures (e.g. masonry sterilisation) often have to be taken when treating dry rot outbreaks over and above those necessary when dealing with outbreaks of other wood-rotting fungi. Contact Action Against Today and let us take care of your timber.

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Woodworm Treatment services in Lurgan, Northern Ireland

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